What we do

Our teams communicate daily with the top decision-makers of the world’s largest companies. We talk to them about the different challenges they face in their industry as well as their company, including the departments within their organization. Our goal is to provide you with individual support, added value and give you the possibility to network efficiently. This is made possible by way of a structured analysis of the content. We deliver valuable business ideas and future trends. Through our event, you will receive first-hand information about these companies, their differences, their challenges and their unique approach in day-to-day business.


Content Analysis

Scientific analysis of relevant topics and focus areas from the Executive Circles.

Trending Topics

We assess which topics are just buzzwords and what topics can strategically benefit you and your colleagues in the medium term.

Executive Talks

We talk about current topics with the top decision-makers of the global economy.

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Network Circle connects top executives of the largest companies worldwide. Through our Executive Circles, we will enable you to share your business-relevant topics in an open and exclusive venue in a time-efficient manner. It is our goal to be the constant source of new ideas and transformation motivator. Our advisory group consisting of Mrs. Prof. Dr. Kohlert (learning worlds), Prof. Dr. Hennicker (software development) and other visionary leaders in science, business and politics have supported us since our founding with new innovative ideas, scientific approaches and decades of experience.

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Time Efficiency Top decision-makers do not have one thing above all – time. That’s why it is essential to make the time you will be spending with us efficient. Network Circle is tailor-made for top decision makers schedule. We are redefining the term “time efficiency” in business networking.

Relevance The basis for time efficiency is a relevant theme setting. Together with you and other top-ranking economic decision-makers, we work on relevant topics at the relevant time.

Open Exchange The open exchange is the be-all and end-all of our concept. Only through honest exchange on essential topics that synergy effects will be created and used.

Top-level We work exclusively with the top-level executives of the economy. As exclusive as our guests, the venues we select for our events in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin are top-of-the-line, exceptional and of superior quality and service.

Exclusivity Be inspired by an exclusive setting in an exclusive group. The invitation is well thought of, carefully selected and sent out individually. It is important for us that we invite Executives that is related in function and economic sector as this is basis for the success of our concept.

Continuity An essential part of the Network Circle is consistency and sustainability. As a top decision-maker of the economy, your interest always involves having a continuous exchange, and be able to respond to developments and changes in the economy in a structured and effective way. Our Executive Circle is created to be the medium where you and other executives can have an infinite exchange on topics relevant to you and your company.