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05. May 2021

CISO Executive Circle 201-2 West
at Villa Kennedy Frankfurt
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Focus Topics

  • Intelligent Technologies
  • New Work
  • Cloud- & Provider - Security
  • From DevOps to DevSecOps
  • Security Mindset: The Human Factor in Digital Transformation
  • Importance and implementation of regulation
  • Next Generation CISO


We are pleased to welcome top executives,
among others, from the following companies.

Vodafone GmbH
Viridium Holding AG
Gothaer Versicherungsbank VVaG



Branch distribution of the present companies

0% IT - VB2
0% Telecommunications
0% Facility Management
0% Banks
0% Public
0% Insurance


58.33% Level 2
41.67% Level 1
1480 Cjks4WH
1517 Pjks6GW


The event venue

Villa Kennedy Frankfurt

The magnificent Villa Kennedy, directly located at the south bank of the Main, is an elegant luxury hotel in the heart of the city of Frankfurt. With its discreet glamour, the 5-star deluxe hotel is a long time favourite retreat for the city's international business elite. Enjoy the combination of comfort, style and outstanding service on one of our Frankfurt Executive Circles. Afterwards, five courses of star chef Fulvio Pierangelini await you at our Executive Dinner in the hotel's exquisite restaurant.
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Executive Dinner Circle

Surrounded by lush greenery, both from the trees outside the window and the stunning murals at either end of the easily adaptable space. The venue is juxtaposition of an old world charm and modern flair with the warmth of the original Villa. It is an ideal place to host our Executive Dinner Circle.
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Project management

If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist you.

Alessa Missy
Team Manager Executive Operations


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