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23. June 2022

CIO Executive Circle 221-3 North
at Hotel De L’Europe
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Focus Topics

  • New Technologies - start the future now!
  • The long journey to a long-term digital transformation
  • The World of E-Commerce & Customer Centricity
  • Cybersecurity - often neglected, but highly important
  • Digital Mindset & The Human Factor
  • New Work: what will the working world of tomorrow look like?
  • Data Strategy. How to manage the increasing complexity?


We are pleased to welcome top executives,
among others, from the following companies.

Aegon N.V.
Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V.



Branch distribution of the present companies

1% Software
0% Bio-Tech
0% Tourism
0% Nutrition
0% Logistics
0% Insurance
0% Retail


38.46% Level 2
3.85% Level 1


The event venue

Hotel De L’Europe

Hotel De L’Europe is a place for those who appreciate authenticity and luxury, and are eager to embrace Amsterdam’s rich heritage in the most elegant way. Since establishing itself 125 years ago, Hotel De L’Europe has evolved from being an exclusive hotel in the heart of Amsterdam into a guardian of local culture and craftmanship. Consider the hotel the cultural custodians of Amsterdam, a sophisticated guide of the arts and your exclusive entry point into the world of luxury and comfort. Experience the royal treatment with an exclusive, bespoke 5 course menu exclusively offered for all our attendees.
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Executive Dinner Circle

The exquisitely designed, elegantly-decorated rooms that resembles the atmosphere of a stately Amsterdam canal houses is the perfect venue to host our Executive Dinner Circle.
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Project management

If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist you.

Daina Selma
Project Manager Executive Operations


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