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20. June 2023

CFO Executive Circle 231-2 South
at Hotel Des Indes
(Den Haag, Netherlands)

Focus Topics


We are pleased to welcome top executives,
among others, from the following companies.



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The event venue

Hotel Des Indes

Hotel Des Indes is situated right in the center of the historical, cultural and Royal heart of The Hague. The city where our government is based and where our monarchs reside. The unique standing of The Hague as governmental and Royal capital of The Netherlands offers an extraordinary combination of historic and monumental buildings, palaces and office towers in contemporary architectural design, which adorn the skyline of The Hague with their characteristic silhouettes. With more than 140 years of remarkable history behind its doors, elegance and grandeur come standard at Hotel Des Indes. The property was originally built in 1858 as a stately mansion for the treasurer of King Willem III, Baron van Brienen, before being turned into a hotel in 1881.
7561 BRAfr27

Executive Dinner Circle

Hotel Des Indes is the perfect space for the Executive Circle. Their venue has plenty of natural daylight and all own the same distinctive elegant interior design as the rest of Hotel Des Indes making it the best choice of venue for our Executive Dinner Circle in Den Haag. Experience the royal treatment with an exclusive, bespoke 5 course menu exclusively offered for all our attendees.
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Project management

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